Naked Generation is an oath to Mother Earth, a promise to cherish her gifts and protect her future. Our value chain honours the natural world we are all rooted to, and we hope that by understanding our practices and values and enjoying our products, we inspire you to link up to our value chain, and keep it growing.
Sustainable Soul
Naked Generation is not about trends, fast fashion or clearance sales. We are a seasonless, slow brand, making small-batch and often pre-order only items, ensuring we never hold waste stock. Each dress is made to last a lifetime, to be layered up in winter and stripped back in summer. It’s a forever dress.
Ethical Working Practices
Our working relationships with the hand block printers and natural dye factories are built on transparency, consistency and mutual respect for one another. We believe in mutually beneficial working relationships that are reciprocal and incorporate trust, honesty and integrity. The craftswomen and men we work with uphold and are proud of their ethical working practices including fair wages, sustainable working hours, a clean working environment and transparent management.
Naked Generation is about community. It is sustained by and in turn sustains a kaleidoscopic community of creative thinkers and makers, that inspire our designs everyday. We are deeply proud of this community of inspiring, innovative and down-right brilliant women who bring their own individual spirit to their Naked Generation dresses. We are inspired by each one of you daily, and feel honoured to be part of such a vibrant and caring community. And as we continue to evolve we have plans to widen our community reach into positive social change. Watch this space.