Hi, I’m Lara, the founder of Naked Generation. I live in a tiny village in sunny Cornwall with my husband, Oly, and our two boys, Vyvyan and Jesse.
Naked Generation is, in many ways, the sum total of a life lived amongst the lyrics of Joni Mitchell, vintage threads and a deep affinity to the 1970s, in all its free-loving revolutionary glory.
Before Naked Generation began I ran a vintage business, which gave me first-hand insight into how clothes flowed, fabrics felt and patterns and palettes came together across decades. But the individuality and soulfulness encapsulated by these pieces felt missing in today’s world, where unconscious consumerism was and is diluting what the very core of vintage keeps alive - that feeling of uniqueness; something to cherish, to love as yours and yours alone. And so, I decided to address this.
I have always had a love of Indian textiles, and an original block printed Phool dress found at a flea market 10 years ago became the inspiration for my designs. I wanted something that felt feminine, that flowed, that gave women the freedom to feel confident, comfortable, creative; that sustained my 70s soul and was sustainable for Mother Earth. That encapsulated the individuality of vintage, designed today, for tomorrow’s woman.
I wanted to create something that captured and encapsulated freedom.
And so, in the Indian summer of 2018, Naked Generation was born.
It was then that I travelled to India and overland to Jaipur - India’s natural dye district and the beating heart of traditional block printing, to find hand block printers who would help me bring Naked Generation to life.
The suppliers I connected with on that first trip remain my suppliers today, and their talent, passion, transparent working environment and ethics reflect the core principles of Naked Generation; we work together to bring the earthy dyes, the natural materials and ethical manufacturing processes together in a way that treads lightly on the land, treats kindly the people behind the process, and ultimately sustains a future for future Naked Generations.
Naked Generation is inspired by the past, thought-up in Cornwall, created in India, and loved everywhere. Because our dresses are hand dyed and hand block printed, they are as unique as the women that wear them. They embody slow, seasonless style. A Naked Generation dress is not just something you put on, it’s something you feel, interact with, are inspired by; it was made to be something different to your regular wardrobe item - a canvas for your own creative individuality. They are treasures, to be treasured, and they are there for you, for all your years.
When you order from us you take home a movement that’s trying, in its own small way, to rewrite the standards of the fashion industry, with integrity, soul and boundless creativity.
Thank you so much for joining me on this wild ride; I can’t wait to see where it takes us.