Hi, Im Lara the founder of Naked Generation. I live in a tiny village in sunny Cornwall, England, with my husband Oly and my two little boys Vvyvan and Jesse. 

Naked Generation was born out of a love affair for Indian textiles and vintage fashion. It all began with an original 1970s block printed Phool dress I found in at a flea market 10 years ago. The feel of the cotton and soft earthy tones made me feel like I was time travelling back to a different place. With colours faded and soft brushed cotton against my skin I felt like Joni Mitchell high upon the Laurel Canyons !

This began my obsession for Indian textiles and search to create my own dress that could make someone feel like this now and in a further 40 years...

I wanted a dress that was printed with vintage wooden blocks and using only kindest natural dyes that would fade beautifully over time. 

This led me to India and to find the block printer that could create this. I already had many contacts in India from running my vintage fashion business for 6 years so I was able to source the man for the job pretty easily! The 'Sisterhood' dress was born! 

Along with our beautiful block printed clothing, I love sourcing one-off pieces from travels afar. Our kantha collection has a selection of hand picked worn vintage blankets that I have tailored into beautiful robes. Each one is totally different and unique! 

All our items are ethically and thoughtfully made in Jaipur by fourth generation of family block printers. I have visited my factories and met our team and am proud to call them now my friends! We work together from seedling ideas to our finished product, it really is a team effort!

So, thank you for being here from the start. I'm not sure where this will take us but I will try to do it with style, honesty and integrity.

Lara xx