Q & A with Lara and Immy

Q & A with Lara and Immy

We thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with each other. A way for you to get to know us a little more... 

Immy's questions to me...

Where does the name Naked Generation originate from?

This is always a funny conversation with my husband oly...
So I basically stole it off him! He used to screen print t shirts with his own designs when he was at university and that was his name. But I always loved it and loved its vintage feel to it.
When I started the business I was stuck with a name. I wanted it to feel nostalgic, and have earth conscious feel to it and then light bulb moment... "can I use your old business name?!" Ha! Naked Generation was reborn with a new girl in charge!
Im so grateful for him kindly letting me take it on and think it feels like a perfect match for our brand ethos and feel.

Who knows, maybe I will get him to start up his screen printing days again!

If you were driving for 24 hrs and could only have one CD in your car who would it be and why?

Oh gosh this is so hard... I would say Bob Dylan- Desire. This album just takes me to a warm place. Salty skin and messy hair, still sat in swimwear with a kaftan thrown on. So many warm holiday nights have been spent drinking and listening to this album. Just the best!

Your favourite everyday colour?

I love creams and whites! I often regret it whilst running around after kids but I always feel good in it. Its a great base colour for all the other earthy tones I love.

Coming into summer, what would you recommend having in your wardrobe from Naked Generation?

Hard one as I pretty much have one of everything and love them all so much.
But I would recommend one of our new Immy dresses (coming next week!) As great for summer, such an easy dress. Im looking forward to layering it for autumn too as will look great with fine knits underneath.
Also our Ramona kaftan ate winners for everyday. Easy and relaxed to wear and you will live in them for all the months ahead.
Oh and one more... the Iris or Paisley dress are complete show stoppers and have the most intricate block prints. Can you tell I love them all?!

My questions to Immy...


What do you love about working and living in Cornwall?

I love the freeness that Cornwall gives me and makes me feel. I love my drive to work at Naked Generation and love the fact that the studio is on a farm. The people you work with makes a huge difference and I have struck gold in this area making work something I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to.

Dream weekend spent would be....

My dream weekend goes a little like this, lying on a beach until the sun is no longer up. Music, some sort of music thrown in there, if it’s live then big bonus. Eating good food, having good chats with friends and family. The right mixture between having fun and relaxing.

Three songs that make you feel free.

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free, Nina Simone. In your hands, Nick Mulvey. Last but not least Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Favourite Naked Generation piece?


I’m going to have to give two answers here. I brought a pair of Pyjamers when Naked Generation just started and they are the comfiest thing in the world. But it’s also got to be my Genevieve wrap dress which I am SO in love with.