We are home now after an amazing ten days in India. So many incredible experiences and special friendships made, we thought we should let you in on who, where and how our products are made. We spent so much time with our talented team in Jaipur, taking time to to show us all the behind the scenes of how much love and work goes into each print.  The work is endless and is 100% done by hand. I hope from these images you are able to see and fall in love with your dress even more. We have found even more passion and love for our little brand and so happy to have so much support and interest so far. 
Location- Bagru, Jaipur 
November 2019
We were lucky as the day we visited they were in the process of printing our Hannah print
Over three layers of different blocks and natural dyes are added to create this beautiful and intricate design
Sunny rooftops for these beautiful prints
Hand carved blocks basking in the sun
Block shop!
Working together. Every step of the way
Smiling all day
We had chance to work on some simple designs for a new style jacket i hope to launch in the new year. 
I could watch this all day
We got chance to have a play with our custom block we had made for our labels. All hand carved especially for us. I just love this little block!
Vivid natural dyes ready for printing
What a amazing experience to be able to see and feel how each print is designed
We can't wait to visit again, have a feeling it wont be too long! 
Big love to my long suffering Husband, Oly. Always pushing me to be best woman I can be. Giving me space to be creative and fly but keeping right by my side to always show support and love
Till next time Jaipur xx