History of Boho Fashion 🤎✌🏽🤎

History of Boho Fashion 🤎✌🏽🤎
The Bohemian fashion movement emerged in the creative alleys of Paris at the close of the 18th Century, post the French Revolution. This period saw struggling artists like writers, musicians, painters, and other creatives facing financial hardships due to the loss of patronage from the wealthy French elite. To cope with these challenging times, artists embraced a minimalist lifestyle, opting for old and secondhand attire. Even as the economy started to improve, artists continued to showcase their creativity through unconventional and artistic clothing choices.
Ringing bells for the movement we are currently in hey!? They do say it all comes back around eventually...
Moving through time to the 1960s/1970s hippie culture we saw this fashion movement really take on its own identity. Times were really changing around the world and freedom was at its forefront. Self expression was being being pushed into new heights and the world was opening up for travel. Music culture was a real important part of this journey too. Our icons were travelling and wearing what they wanted to for once. For much of this era, feminists preached self-reliance as a key component of women's emancipation. As a result of the civil rights struggle, people were given more freedom to express themselves creatively, even via their clothing choices. And we thank them for this!
Fast forward a little to the 90s/00s we saw it back again with everyone from movie stars, pop artists to IT girls dressing this way. Relaxed styles, natural effortless make up and a sense of freedom in their stride. I personally love this era as it's where I was really finding myself and carving our my own unique style. I loved the big belts, the paisley prints and denim of this time!
Not much has changed in my personal style from these years but I would say I've refined it with chosen natural fibres I prefer to wear now and adding pieces I found along my years of travelling by myself. This style for me, holds no time or era. It's a feeling. A lifestyle that is drawn to creating your own path, unique, authentic life. It can't be rushed or bought from one store. It's about collecting, playing with your wardrobe and mixing it all up.
Wearing only things you LOVE and that make you feel all kinds of FREE!