Inspiring Woman series - Sarah from Rose Valley Farm

Inspiring Woman series - Sarah from Rose Valley Farm


"Rose Valley Farm Flowers started with a small but beautiful dream: to grow and create wonderful things by working in balance with nature, enriching the earth and to lay deeper roots for us as a family."

 Driving up a wild Cornish country road, we were welcomed up to Rose Valley Farm by Sarah and her daughters, Bluebell and Marigold. The farms beauty is raw and stripped back, just how I imagined it. Sarah and her family bought the land in 2017 and it's truly amazing to see how settled they look here, which down to their passion and hard work! The farm is abundant with flowers, veggies and animals. They live an authentic life here. Closely guided by mother nature and all its highs and lows. 

Along with raising their three children they have managed to carve out a charming life here with love and sustainability at the core of everything they do. Rose Valley Farm is the perfect blend of farming and floristry. You can come up and pick your own or Sarah can guide you and come up with beautifully wild bouquets.

It was a real pleasure to spend time with Sarah and her girls. We left feeling inspired and arms full of the most beautiful flowers. 

Photography by Imogen Rosemary 
Sarah wears our Everyday Hannah Vest and our Gingham chore dress 


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello I am Sarah a farmer/florist, creative, mother, free soul, wife and admirer of natures beauty. I am based in Cornwall.


Where did your love for flowers originate from?


One of my earliest flower memories is being amongst the sweet peas on my Grandads allotment. I remember walking through the rows of these amazing scented flowers, towering above me, surrounding me, it just felt so magical. I always remember that i really wanted to pick them, but i wasn't allowed, as my grandad said the flowers were for the bees. My Grandad was a grower, My grandmother and mother still love growing, maybe its hereditary.


You have three beautiful children, do they enjoy getting involved with the flower farming process and life on the farm?

They dip into it from time to time, whether it’s helping milks the cow, scrumping strawberries, collecting the eggs, feeding the pig, picking a posy of flowers or just sowing a few seeds. The Farm is our life and we are all part of it as a family.


What made you turn your love for nature into a business?

I have always loved being 'in' nature, whether it’s  walking in the trees, swimming in the sea, sowing seeds in the ground. My business just evolved from this, i wanted to grow food, flowers, farm animals, give back to this land, regenerate it for generations to come.

"The form of every flower and grass we use is our biggest inspiration. The natural shape and colour of each stem is taken into account and used in a mindful way which resembles the free-flowing way our flowers look whilst growing here on our farm."


What have you learned through your journey with flowers?

have learn't that there is a difference between visiting nature- with a walk etc and living life immersed in it, everything we do here is guided by the seasons, the weather, the light, the dark, the seasonal cycles,I find living life like this feels raw and real.



What inspires you?

The cycles of nature, women, children, farmers, market gardeners and growers past and present who farm giving back to the land. I also love meeting people who live life following their deep passions and dreams.


Your favourite Naked Generation piece?

The holly blouse is my favourite piece. I am also fond of the Hannah vest and the scarves as they can be thrown over my scruffy farming clothes to tidy myself up!!