India 2022.

India 2022.
INDIA 2022.
5th- 13th October. 
On Tuesday the 4th of October we set off from Cornwall and made our way to London, where we would stay the night and be ready to catch our plane to India the following morning. 
The excitement before leaving remained with us the whole trip and continues to bubble up inside us now, reminding us of the times that we had whilst on our trip.  
From the second we landed in Delhi and started our journey to Jaipur, we were treated like family by everyone that we came across. 
Lara visited Jaipur three years ago so it was incredibly special that she got to see all of the team again in person and catch up on lost time. It was the first time Immy had visited Jaipur and Delhi and she could not have felt more at home in such an unknown land. 
We arrived in Jaipur in the morning and jumped straight to work. By the end of our first day we had designed our next pyjama range, ready to land for you all in time for Christmas.  You are going to love the new prints and the classic shape of the pj's.
This work ethic remained throughout the whole trip. We could not get enough of being in India surrounded by all the fabrics and prints that we love and wanted to make sure that we made use of this luxury every single day. 
The Quote "Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life" is so true in our case. We absolutely love what we do for work and are so thankful this is the card that life has dealt us. 
"I have fallen in love with Jaipur. The colours, the food, the prints, the inspiration, the people, the block prints, the textiles. Just everything about this pink city has completely captured my heart."
- Quote from Immy's journal written whilst on our travels. 
On day two, we met with our lovely suppliers from the Block Print Company. Over the last few years Lara and Lalit (The owner of Block Print Company) have developed a very close working relationship and the work that gets produced through both of their love for textiles, is magical. 
We went to Bagru Village which is where one of the block printing houses is. We got to meet with the talented people that print using the blocks and natural dyes and we captured some wonderful footage of the process. We even got to try block printing our Olive print ourselves. 
The next few days were spent visiting so many different places and experiencing so many different senses. We got to do a photo shoot of the talented people who work at the Block print company which is a great way for our customers to get to know the people that are making their clothes. 
We got to experience the best hospitality by the kindest of people. We were sad to say goodbye to this vibrant city and the people who made our stay so welcoming. 
Onto the next part of our journey...
Leaving Jaipur we had heavy hearts. The rain had also started pouring down so our journey to Delhi was not as easy as one may have hoped. The roads had started breaking so we had to take a slightly longer route. Nine hours later and we arrived in our new destination.
As soon as we got there we were greeted by Sakshi. Sakshi is the definition of a boss woman. She runs her embroidery company with her husband Anshuman and together they have created a place and a team, filled to the brim with creativity and talent. 
Whilst in Delhi we spent a lot of time in Sakshi's show room surrounded by embroidered artisan, colours, beads, accessories and so much more. So many new designs were thought of and put into production whilst being in that studio. We cannot wait for the items to arrive in our studio in Cornwall, ready to show you all. 
We have also ventured into working with a new material and technique whilst in Delhi... any guesses as to what this may be?
Sakshi and Anshuman could not have made the last bit of our trip more enjoyable if they tried. We were treated to the most delicious food, taken to craft markets, had heart-warming conversations about life and came up with so many fresh and zesty ideas. 
We are now back home and back in the studio. Getting back was a slight shock to the system, however, we are raring to go with so much great energy that we stored up whilst being away.
Thank you for being patient with us whilst you waited for your orders. To say we are ecstatic about showing you all what we have been working on would be an understatement. 
With Love, 
The Naked Generation team x