Welcome to the studio....

Welcome to the studio....

After taking on our studio  just over a year ago I thought it was time to show you around, and talk about a typical day at the office...

Fridays are always a great day as I'm joined by Immy. Immy joined our team in April and since then its like she's always been here.

Immy is a creative. Full of ideas, enthusiasm and drive... she not only helps with the day-to-day running, but now feels like a big part of our small team.

We start the day with coffee and set the mood right, with just the perfect kind of music.
Music and atmosphere are so important to me and I feel it really helps sort any funk I may have woken up in.

Songs we are listening to right now....

 Arthur McBribe - Andy Irvine 

Find the Sun - The O'pears

Anymore for Anymore- Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance

Woodstock - Jones Mitchell

Right Down the Line - Gerry Rafferty

Promises - Eric Clapton 

Love Minus Zero - Bob Dylan

Back to Stay - John Martin

Manhattan- Cat Power 

Mykonos  - Fleet Foxes 

Fridays can be pretty intense as we work hard to get everyone's orders out for the weekend.

Each order picked and packed with love and attention to detail.
We love seeing what people have ordered and imaging where and what you and your beautiful dresses will get up to....

As the business moves at a slightly quicker pace since starting under two years ago, I sometimes find it hard to sit and get back to the part I love most.

When it's time to start designing my dream wardrobe, every idea I start with comes  from a
seed planted somewhere. It may have been a vintage dress I love, an old picture from far away lands, or just a brief encounter with a fabric or style that i notice on my weekly trip to the shops.
How things move and make me feel are so important to the design, the fabric has to be natural and relaxed, the feel must be soft and kind to the skin, and equally the clothing should enhance your mood to make you feel great doing your everyday things.

I've spent so long creating my dream work space, I love coming here and feel truly inspired by its surroundings, its taken a while but I can now say, I'm there! Ever since I was little I have always loved my 'bits' around me. Things that make me happy and evoke a spark in my heart. It may be special pictures of my family dotted around, a cutting from a magazine or a scrap of fabric I fell in love with. To have them all in my space feels great.

With incense and candles burning we are fully in the zone and can spend hours packing and chatting about life and exciting ideas for the future. At these same moments magic can happen and I find a flow of creativity, a new idea of a dress can begin or ideas of a shoot can fully flow.
Im not always someone that can sit still and schedule a day for designing. Things come to me in these chats, organically in the night or when I'm busy with the children. I jot them down and then bombard my suppliers with the next idea, The team in India are such and integral part of what we are about and they share the love and the passion for print and colour as much as I do.

Everyday is different and full of love and creativity behind it. We hope you feel this when your parcel arrives.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing our studio and hope one day we can welcome you up for a cuppa.


Much love 

Lara and Immy


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Immy wears our Merryn blouse with her own linen trousers 

Lara wears our Florie dress