A little hello and introduction from Lara the founder of Naked Generation

A little hello and introduction from Lara the founder of Naked Generation


Hello! After a rather busy few years I thought It was time to introduce myself some more.

Im Lara, the founder of Naked Generation. My third baby as i call it! I am mother to two gloriously wild boys Vyvyan who is four and Jesse who is two. Keeping me very busy and smiling everyday!

I started this brand with hopes of carving out a bohemian, vintage inspired brand. That encapsulates the 70s freedom and creative flare. For women to feel their best no matter what day they were having. Building a wardrobe of forever pieces to treasure and pass down. 

Working for myself has been the most freeing and at times, the most stressful way of life. But I wouldn't change it for the world. To be able to raise my boys whilst working has been incredible for my mind and keeping my passions alive. I can honestly say I love my job and after years of never knowing where i fit in or what route to go down this feels like the biggest achievement.

Im excited to welcome in the new year with change and new challenges in whatever size they come in!

Thank you for your continued support for this wonderful creative journey i'm on.

Thank you to Becky from @rebeccahookphotography for the special photos of my youngest Jesse and me.


I asked our Instagram community to ask the questions so here goes!


Who has been your biggest inspiration?


I’m so lucky to have been inspired by such a vibrant and driven family. I’m from a big family of go getters and passionate people. My parents have always encouraged us to go for everything our heart desires. Never give up mentality and reach for the stars cliques! All my sisters and brothers are achieving what they want to do and aiming further everyday. Colourful careers and brilliant lives. They inspire me to push myself. Out of our comfort zones is where the magic happens. I truly believe this. Scary as can be, it always either gets us further or in turn makes us more resilient.

When dreaming up my vision for Naked Generation I was inspired by warm summers and washed out colours of the 1970s. Music and culture of that era have always been at the front for all our ideas and vision. But to be honest everyday I’m inspired by closest friends and down right brilliant woman I meet through running this business. Supporting and nurturing one another each day to remove fear of change and chase our dreams.





What inspired you to name the brand Naked Generation?


This is always a funny conversation with my husband oly...
So I basically stole it off him! He used to screen print t shirts with his own designs when he was at university and that was his name. But I always loved it and loved its vintage feel to it.
When I started the business I was stuck with a name. I wanted it to feel nostalgic, and have earth conscious feel to it and then light bulb moment... "can I use your old business name?!"  Naked Generation was reborn with a new girl in charge!
Im so grateful for him kindly letting me take it on and think it feels like a perfect match for our brand ethos and feel.

Who knows, maybe I will get him to start up his screen printing days again!




How do you make sure your workers in India are treated fairly?


Well the ‘workers’ firstly we treat like friends. Aiming to keep in touch with all our suppliers on a personal level each week. We are always checking in with how the factories are and the well being. We make regular trips to India to keep our fingers really on the pulse. All of our suppliers are our friends and really believe we have found the best there is. We treat each other with kindness and respect and this shows in all the ways we try to showcase them. We don’t work in a dog eat dog world of business. We work with love and respect at the front of all we do. We believe and can say our small teams are working in brilliant conditions. Clean, cool and always with a team aiming to raise each individual worker up to be the best they can.





Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Still running this business! And loving it! Building a wardrobe I would firstly wear and love for years to come. Working with a team I love and respect. Learning and growing on the business fears I have daily! Admin is not my strong point and has held be back in growth for a while but I am educating myself everyday and moving those fears further away. I would love to work with more charities and companies who share the same ethos and future as we see. Raising women up to their highest potential one dress at a time!

I would also love to open some more stores/pop ups around the world too. I have loved creating a physical store experience. Meeting and chatting has been a wonderful experience. So I’ll give this all my best bash!





How would you identify style and where do you shop when it’s not your own brand?


I would say my style falls between boho gal and some sort of cowgirl!  I love denim and I love boho dresses. I love textures mixed together to create a layered unique look. I love the blend of vintage textiles with new. The softness of vintage with earthy tones makes me most happiest! When I’m not keeping everything from my stock I’m sourcing vintage from local shops, eBay, vinted or charity shop finds. I always love finding brands through the amazing community of Instagram. Small brands making soulful clothing are my favourite.

Right now I actually feel like the most me I have ever felt. Comfortable in my clothing and feel it reflects a time in my life I’m most happiest.